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Bingo has become a time-honored tradition. Every Thursday (except Holy Thursday and Thanksgiving), nearly 125 people come and play. Bingo is a large financial supporter of our Parish. The money raised by Bingo goes to many different facets of the Parish. 


About Bingo

When: Bingo plays from 6:30pm to about 9:30pm each Thursday except Holy Thursday and Thanksgiving. If the School closes due to weather, etc., Bingo also cancels.


Prices and Games

  • $6 a packet 24 sheets (can play entire night)
  • $500 jackpot and $1000 jackpot at end of the night
  • Early birds – 2 games before the start of the night for a jackpot of $1000
  • BONANZA – 4 cards for $2;
  • Player’s pool – $1.




The Kitchen is open from 5:15pm to 9:00pm each night. It serves food, drinks, snacks, and more.


We need help to continue to run our Bingo program! It takes nine people in front lobby to sell the different items such as cards and markers, five on floor, two callers, and two money counters. The kitchen requires five to seven volunteers as well. In the kitchen from 4:30pm to 9:30pm, service hours are given to setup on candy, soda, ice, serve sandwiches, and cleaup.


If you are willing to donate a little bit of your time and help the Church as well, please contact us! There is something for everyone!


Contact info


Erla Gallagher (Kitchen)



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