Catholic Divorce Survival

Are you struggling with Divorce?

"Healing the Divorced Heart" is a program for those who seek healing after divorce. The first session is a "no obligation" introduction to the series "The Catholic Divorce Survival Guide". In the 12 weekly sessions that follow, the Church will help you find Peace, Power, and Passion after Divorce. Whether you are going through the divorce now, or perhaps it has been a long time, even years ago, no matter where you are or what your struggle, the church can help. You will listen and learn from Catholic men and women who, like you, share their stories of finding help and healing. You will hear from Catholic experts in Counseling, Spiritual Direction, and Church Teachings to help you navigate your way out of the desert of divorce.


More Information / Contact

For more information click here, or to register for the intro night and/or the series, contact:


Deacon Neil Crispo

Coordinator of Adult Formation



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