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Who are the Columbiettes


The Columbiettes are an International Organization of Catholic Women presently established in the United States and Canada.


This organization was founded in 1939 by Margaret Mary J. Mangan, who later became the first Supreme President; Past Faithful Navigator John Leo Coyle and Past Grand Knight Charles P Maruca under the inspiration of Msgr. J. Francis McIntyre, then chaplain of New York Chapter Knights of Columbus, who later became John Francis Cardinal McIntyre of Los Angeles, and was established to form Catholic Women’s Auxiliaries to be affiliated with and support the Knights of Columbus.


To our founders we dedicate ourselves to do God’s work on earth promoting unity, Christ’s love for each of us, and Zeal to serve God through Faith, Hope and Charity.
The Knights of Columbus was founded on March 29, 1882 under the direction of Rev. Michael J. McGivney, with twelve Catholic Men. Papal authority has designated the Knights of Columbus as the “Right Arm of the Church”.


Through the years, they have achieved much in the field of fraternity, unity, charity and patriotism.


This is truly a Catholic organization and we expect you to continue to live up to your Catholic Faith. We’re especially concerned with the Commandments of God, the Precepts of the church, Corporate Communions and duties of the Columbiette Auxiliary such as attendance at meeting and support of our activities.


We are catholic organizations and as Catholic women, you must remember that anything you do when you are a Columbiette will reflect not only upon the Columbiettes but also upon the Knights of Columbus and the Church.


As for sociability the best way to get acquainted is by volunteering to work on a committee, being friendly at meetings, and actually going out of your way to make acquaintances among your sister Columbiettes.



Membership is open to practicing Catholics, 17 years of age or older. Each prospective Columbiette must be sponsored by a Columbiette (in good standing).


Contact Information

Pat Boyle 757-7160
Mary Galiardi 852-0291
Joanne Kurek 757-7129




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