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Welcome to the St. Joseph Church Chapter of Elizabeth Ministry!


What is Elizabeth Ministry?

Elizabeth Ministry is an international movement designed to support women and their families during the joys, trials and sorrows of the childbearing years and beyond.  Elizabeth Ministry’s mission is to cherish children, encourage families and build community.  We offer peer support, mentoring, spiritual nourishment and educational and inspirational resources. On May 31, 2016 St. Joseph Church became an Elizabeth Ministry Chapter. 


How does it work?

Volunteers become Elizabeth Ministers in the areas they have experienced.  For example, a woman who has twins would visit and mentor a woman who is pregnant with twins.  Continued support is given throughout the pregnancy and after the birth.  This support comes in the form of visits, phone calls, cards, prayer, resources and assistance.  The areas of Elizabeth Ministry include pregnancy, birth, miscarriage, stillbirth, regretted abortions, infant or child death, crisis or special needs, adoption, fertility and infertility. Mothers, fathers, siblings and grandparents can benefit from Elisabeth Ministry.


Who are Elizabeth Ministers?

Elizabeth Ministers are volunteer representatives of St. Joseph Church.  They are not counselors, but are present to offer support, mentoring and friendship only.  No lengthy training is needed. Ministers are women willing to share their presence, stories, and experience in the hope that these will encourage another woman and her family. 


Why is this needed?

In the past, there was an intimacy that automatically existed among many church members Today, because of our mobile society, this intimacy is often missing.  Years ago, women of the church interacted in most daily events.  They gave support needed during the joys and crisis of the child bearing years through the systems of family and neighborhood.  Today many women feel isolated from other women in their church.  They often discover themselves miles away from relatives,.  Sisters, aunts or their own mothers see them only on special occasions.  However, the wisdom of sharing personal stories with other women who have similar experiences is still needed.  Elizabeth Ministry seeks to empower women to relate to each other in a spirit of inclusiveness and sisterhood.    Elizabeth Ministry is a response to this need. 


What are the benefits?

Elizabeth Ministry supports a faith community’s commitment toward the sanctity of life.  It’s a way to reach young adults as they build their families. It provides a focused dimension to bereavement ministry and marriage enrichment and offers wisdom in this age of reproduction technology. 


Why is it called Elizabeth Ministry?

The story of the Visitation (Luke 1:39-45) presents us with two women who are pregnant in difficult settings.  The beauty of Mary’s encounter with Elizabeth is that both women realized that here was someone who understood, and with whom they could share the marvel of what God was doing for them.  As they shared their stories, they helped one another recognize God’s will and the sacredness of their lives and the sacredness of the babies they carried.   Likewise, we visit with women to share, pray, and realize the sacredness of the lives of mother and child.  The visitation between Mary and Elizabeth is one of the most profound examples of sharing faith in all of scripture.  The sanctity of life and power of the Spirit is revealed in the common sharing of these two women.  Throughout the generations women have repeated this story.  Elizabeth Ministry carries on this tradition of “Maternal Mystery Mentoring!”


We respect life, cherish children, encourage families, enrich marriages and build the faith community.    


What are the areas of involvement?

The St. Joseph Chapter of Elizabeth Ministry addresses the areas of concern based on the experiences and interest of the members.  The primary areas of activity and mentoring are related to the joys, challenges and sorrow of the childbearing experience. 


How do I become an Elizabeth Minister?

Click here to download a form to register: 

             Complete this form and return to the Church Office marked “Elizabeth Ministry”


How do I request a visit by an Elizabeth Minister? 

Click here to print a form.

or Contact the church office at 717-755-7503



¿Qué hay que hacer para ser nombrado Ministro Elizabeth?

Haga clic para descargar el formulario de registro.

Complete el formulario adjunto y envíelo a la Parroquia de St. Joseph marcado "Ministerio Elizabeth" como destinatario.

¿Cómo puedo solicitar la visita de un ministro Elizabeth?

Haga clic para descargar la Forma de Solicitud

o comuníquese a la Oficina Parroquial al 717-755-7503 o al correo


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