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Family Life Ministry

Mission Statement

As a basic community of believers, bound in love to one another, the family is the arena in which the drama of redemption is played out. The dying and rising with Christ is most clearly manifested. Here, the cycle of sin, hurt, reconciliation, and healing is lived out over and over again. In the family life is found the church of the home: where each day "two or three are gathered" in the Lord's name; where the hungry are fed; where the thirsty are given drink; where the sick are comforted. IT is in the family that the Lord's injunction to forgive "seventy times seven" is lived out int he daily reconciliation of husband, wife, parent, child, grandparent, brothers, sisters, and extended kin. (A Family Perspective in Church and Society)


Our goal is to provide a warm welcoming atmosphere to the families, and to foster new relationships with young families and encourage their participation in the Sacramental and community life of the Church. This ministry is ideal for those seeking to serve within the Parish without a huge time committment. The married couples would represent and model their unique roles as mother and father within the Catholic family home by sharing their experiences with the Baptism Class. Our goal is to promote holiness in Catholic families through ongoing education, catechesis and activities that will foster relationships within the Parish setting. Team members assist our Priests during monthly Baptism class and on the day of the Baptism. 


The Family: Four Specific Tasks

  • The Family is to form an intimate community of persons
  • The Family is to serve life, both physically by bringing children into the world, and spiritually by handing on values and traditions as well as developing the potential of each member to serve life at every age.
  • The Family is to participate in the development of society by becoming a community of social training and hospitality, as well as a community of political involvement and activity.
  • The Family is to share in the life and mission of the Church by becoming a believing and evangelizing community, a community in dialogue with God, and a community at the service of humanity.

(Familiaris Consortio, 21)


Contact Information for Family Life Ministry

Karla & Tim Staub
Phone: 717-840-4035

Who Is Eligible?

Married Couples


When We Meet

Baptism Class is the last Sunday of each month and Baptisms are held on the first Sunday of each month.


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