Great Adventure Bible Study Series

The parish offers a three part series of foundational Bible studies. 


  • The Bible Time Line provides an overview of God and His interaction with His people throughout history.  
  • Matthew provides a view of the God living among us to teach us how to live with Himself and with each other, and His ultimate act of love, our redemption. 
  • Acts provides a view of God’s church and its expansion from Jerusalem to the entire world.

When offered, each of these programs runs 12 weeks from September to December, and 12 weeks from January to April.  From time to time we also offer an 8 week introductory version of the Bible Time Line.

Other Bible studies of 10 to 12 weeks are also offered from time to time focusing on individual books of the Bible such as Revelation, Galatians, James, Exodus, Psalms, Prophets, and others.   Other related studies can also include topics such as Mary, Catholicism, or The History of the Catholic Church.


The studies offered beginning in September 2016 will include:


  •  The Bible Time Line     Monday Evenings 7:00 PM, starting September 19, 2016   

This is the foundational study in The Great Adventure Bible Study Series that has helped hundreds of thousands of Catholics learn to read the Bible.

The Bible Timeline is a fascinating study that takes participants on a journey through the entire Bible. They will go deep into each period of salvation history and discover the amazing story woven throughout all of Scripture. Using a unique color-coded system, they will learn the major people, places, and events of the Bible and see how they all come together to reveal the remarkable story of our faith.


  •  Acts of the Apostles     Thursday Evenings 7:00 PM, starting September 22, 2016

Step Three in The Great Adventure Bible Study Program, Acts: The Spread of the Kingdom, builds on The Bible Timeline and Matthew by showing how Christ's Kingdom on earth is empowered to carry out his work in the world. The book of Acts shows the Church, enlivened by the Holy Spirit, teaching, preaching, healing, and restoring outcasts in the same way that Jesus did on earth.

The Acts of the Apostles provides a historic framework for understanding the rest of the New Testament. Paul’s letters in particular come alive in a new way when they are read within the context of the Acts narrative.


Plan to attend all of the meetings, but know that you can occasionally miss a meeting and still stay with the program.  The courses are very flexible.


There is a charge for participant materials of $24 to $30 depending on the program.  Couples can share a set if so desired.  Materials are provided at the first meeting.


To see a video about the Great Adventure programs


To Register:

Send your Name, Email Address and Phone Number to


Program Format

Each meeting consists of:

  • opening prayer

  • introduction, recap of past week, objective of this week, any administration

  • group discussion, approximately 30 minutes

  • video, approximately 50 minutes

  • Wrap-up and closing prayer.


Between each meeting:

  • for a few minutes each day read the assigned Bible passages for the following week.
  • give some thought and make some notes on the questions for discussion.


You Will:

  • Read books of the Bible and discover the amazing story woven throughout Scripture
  • Learn how the key people, places, and events in the Bible fit together to reveal God’s plan for humanity
  • See how the events in the Old Testament are fulfilled in the New Testament by Christ and the Church
  • Study the Bible from a Catholic perspective and see how our faith is rooted in Sacred Scripture
  • Gain a greater appreciation for the Scripture readings you hear in Mass
  • See how God reveals Himself to us through Scripture and learn how God’s word applies to your life today
  • Develop a life-long hunger for knowing God in His word and lay a strong foundation for further Bible reading and study


Dates of the Bible Study

Click here to view the dates for all Great Adventure studies.


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