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Holy Name Society

Mission Statement

The Holy Name Society promotes the honor and glory of our Divine God and the personal sanctification of its members by acts of love and devotion to the most Holy Name of Jesus. Our members perform Corporal Works of Mercy: to feed the hungry, to clothe the naked, give drink to the thirsty, shelter to the homeless, tend the sick visit those in prison, and bury the dead: as well as the Spirtual Works of Mercy: to convert sinners, instruct the ignorant, counsel the wayward, comfort the sorrowing, bear adversity patiently, forgive offenses, and pray for the living and the dead on a parochial, diocesan and national level. We promote respect for the most Holy Name of God, faith in the Catholic Church and Magisterium, loyalty to one's country and respect for all lawful authority both civil and religious.



The St. Joseph's Holy Name Society, which is now a National Chartered Holy Name Society, provides the opportunity to put our prayers to work in providing support to a network of ministries that allows us to perform various Corporal and Spiritual activities while in a prayerful manner also celebrate socially and spiritually with each other on a monthly basis.



Mike Moul



Calendar of Events

Monthly Dinner Meetings with a featured speaker, with the exception of August (Annual Picnic) and December (Christmas Party). Meetings are rescheduled in the event of a Holiday. We also sponsor and organize the Annual Yardsale in September.



Any person who believes in the Holy Name of Jesus Christ.


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Part of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Harrisburg