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In His Footsteps

You are not alone...


Prayer support group for Catholic women with chronic illness. Are you struggling with chronic pain or a physical illness? Find spiritual comfort and support by joining IN HIS FOOTSTEPS, a group of Catholic women who meet weekly to study scripture and Catholic practices, develop friendship with Christ, and offer prayer for one another. Despite the hardships of health challenges, our goal is spiritual enrichment and overcoming suffering by growing closer to Christ. The group provides a safe place to unburden our fears and concerns, the warmth and compassion of others who can relate to our struggles, and guidance through our Catholic faith.




Catholic women who are physically ill or in chronic pain. Only those who are willing and able to maintain confidentiality.


When We Meet


The group meets every Wednesday, 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm in the church meeting rooms. Individuals must provide their own transportation.


Dale Ostrom 840-1534


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