Information Technology Department

Mission Statement

The Department of Information Technology serves to provide the adequate tools for the ministries of St. Joseph Parish to complete their mission to bring about the Kingdom of God according to Roman Catholic tradition. Information Technology strives to provide the greatest amount of technological abilities and the fastest support to its end-users, including staff, faculty, students, volunteers, and parishioners. Technology should be viewed as a resource, not a driving force within itself for its own justification. Information Technology works for standardization of all technological equipment to allow fair, reliable, and user-friendly platforms. All users are viewed as valuable members of the Parish mission. In conjunction with this idea, Information Technology pursues opportunities to work with others to optimize benefits and eliminate unnecessary expenditures, and to add value to the ministries it serves or supports. The focus should remain on the people, not on the technology that serves them.


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Part of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Harrisburg