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Methods of Aquiring Assistance


IT Knowledge Base

A Knowledge Base is a store of helpful articles, tutorials, and self-help information for information technology end-users to utilize. While there are limitless numbers of knowledge bases available, the St. Joseph Parish Information Technology Knowledge Base should be considered as the "primary" knowledge base for Parish end-users. The web address (URL) for the IT Knowledge Base is:


IT HelpDesk (

The IT HelpDesk is an information and assistance resource that troubleshoots problems with computers or similar products. It is a way in which end-users can request assistance of the Information Technology Department for computer-related assistance. You can learn how to use the St. Joseph Parish Information Technology HelpDesk by reading this Knowledge Base article. The web address (URL) for the IT HelpDesk is:


Remote Assistance

In extreme instances or rare times in which personal computers need to be seen to diagnose and fix problems, it may be necessary for IT HelpDesk support analysts to provide remote assistance


Procedure of Assistance

These are the steps that should be followed to rectify care of a problem:

  1. Connect to the Knowledge Base and see if you can find a Knowledge Base article regarding your question.
  2. Follow the steps under the Knowledge Base article entitled What to do with Computer Malfunctions.
  3. Check your inbox to ensure a recent bulletin announcement hasn't been sent regarding the issue.
  4. Check the DigiStatus message board located on the MySJY Parish Communication portal.
  5. Go to the IT HelpDesk and fill out a Help ticket.
  6. Contact by phone only if given specific permission from a member of IT or in a case of emergency
  7. Cases of emergency are:
    • the inability to access the internet from more than one workstation
    • the inability to access email from both the Outlook client and Outlook Web App
    • the inability of many computers to connect to network drives
    • a computer is unable to boot.


Attention Priority

These are the priorities in which IT addresses problems.

1 - Highest Priority - Entire campus is affected by problem

Email not working
User authentication (No one can log in)
Server malfunctioning
Website is down


2 - High Priority - Multiple users are reporting the same problem

Church cannot access internet
The IT computer lab cannot print
Church Office cannot get into PDS


3 - Medium Priority - One user has requested a change to a single computer. User is being prevented from accessing some aspect of the campus network.

A computer will not boot
Needing a program installed on a single workstation
Outlook needs to be reconfigured
Palm Pilot is not syncing


4 - Medium-Low Priority - A requested change that affects multiple users, but does not have an immediate deadline

A new shared web area needs to be created
PDS updates must be installed
Small system details of little significance (wallpaper, icons, etc.)


5 - Low Priority - Used for long term and ongoing projects where the deadline is more than one month away.

Internet filter
Accessing data from external workstations.



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