Marketing and Social Media Ministry

What is the Marketing/Social Media Ministry?

The Marketing and Social Media Ministry is a group of individuals who brainstorm on how to best showcase Parish spitual and communal events. Members of the ministry can take photographs, create advertising and offer suggestions to promote Christ's work within his church and the community.  The in-house social media administrator has the final authority with the pastor's direction on what is posted to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.  Please consider joining us for monthly meetings.



Time Commitment

That's the beauty of this ministry! It is extremely flexible with people's schedules. Currently, there are monthly meetings scheduled for planning, feedback, and  putting ideas into action. The time commitment needed is the time to attend meetings and/or attend events for publicity and photography purposes, and communicate electronically.



Who should join?

This is a NEW ministry! Those who wish to join simply need to have some ideas on how to let parishioners, neighbors, friends, family, and associates know how we see Christ working in our lives.  



Questions? Interested in Joining?

Marie Nelson


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