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Prison Ministry

  Prison Ministry- Let’s make a difference!

  Mission Statement

We are a faith-based, spiritually-led Prison Ministry that seeks to restore hope, human dignity, and a personal relationship with Christ.






Vision Statement

Let’s break down the barriers that hold people hostage inside with the help of those of us outside through spiritual guidance and personal experience. Striving for re-connection with society and family as well as giving them an opportunity for a full life and a personal recognition of their intrinsic value.


Our Goals

To aid people returning to society to become more productive citizens and to give them the tools needed to change their lives. To give them the opportunities to find jobs, work with budgets, obtain housing, share health care options and tools for better parenting. To help them change the course of their lives so they can re-enter society successfully.


  Areas we need volunteers:

 Spiritual guidance, immigration barriers, mentoring, training through teaching and facilitation groups.




Click on the links below to learn more about the Prison Ministry

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2016 YCP Ready For Release Checklist

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2015 Treatment Program

PCGG Team Manual

YCP Security Documents

Mentoring As A Component of Re-Entry

2017 York County Surrounding Areas Resource Guide


Contact List

Jim Werth

717 757-3690

Pat Workinger



Come join us at our meetings!  

Every third Thursday of the month at 7:00 to 8:00 pm at St. Joseph’s Church, East York


Re-Entry Class Schedule

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PCGG Schedule

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•  St. Joseph Parish, York  •  2935 Kingston Road  •  York, Pennsylvania  •  17402  • 

•  Phone: (717) 755-7503  •  Fax: (717) 757-1900  • •

Part of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Harrisburg