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Parent involvement is mandatory in our Religious Education Program. Volunteers are vital for the successful operation of our program, and keeping our kids safe. On the registration form, the following volunteer options will be available for your selection.  


**Please note: If you are a badged volunteer in compliance with the Youth Protection Program in the Diocese of Harrisburg, you will be placed on a rotating schedule. If you are un-badged and not compliant with the YPP, you may only volunteer ONE time with the Religious Education program. The Diocese of Harrisburg requires catechists and other volunteers to be in compliance of the Youth Protection Program of the Diocese of Harrisburg.



Only those individuals grounded in faith, willing to support Gospel values and Catholic teaching, and willing to inspire students through their word and example may be selected or retained as volunteers in the Diocese of Harrisburg. Volunteers are expected to maintain the quality of their faith commitment and their willingness to uphold the teachings of the Catholic Church. Volunteers who espouse, by word or action, practices contrary to the teachings of the Catholic faith will be dismissed. Catechetical volunteers are expected to fulfill the Sunday liturgical obligations, and otherwise participate fully in the life of their Catholic parish.


All parish catechists must be committed to on-going personal religious education and formation. They are to complete the requirements for the Basic Catechetical Certificate, and are encouraged to further their formation with additional certificates and certification available through the diocesan programs for catechists. Reciprocity may be extended to those catechists holding certification from other dioceses with similar requirements. The Diocesan Director of Religious Education will make the necessary determination. The Diocese of Harrisburg requires catechists and other volunteers to be in compliance of the Youth Protection Program of the Diocese of Harrisburg.


Age requirements for volunteers and catechists: Catechist for Elementary Students (pre-school to grade 8)
Catechists are to be at least 21 years old. (In exceptional cases, a catechist may be a High School graduate and a minimum of 18 years old. Catechists between 18 and 21 may only supervise students in the parish educational building, under the general supervision of the C/DRE.) Catechist for Secondary Students (grades 9-12) must be at least 21 years old. Catechist or Chaperone for off-campus trips must be at least 21 years old to drive students or to serve as a chaperone for students on trips away from the parish property, or for any over-night retreats or other activities.



The Religious Education Program welcomes the help of adults and teens who wish to assist a catechist in the classroom. As classroom aides, they help the teacher to carry out the instructional goals of the program. Aides may assist in supervising small group activities within the classroom, one-on-one instruction and assessment of prayers and concepts, preparation of materials, clerical tasks such as taking attendance, and various other kinds of help.


High School students are permitted to serve as volunteer assistants in the parish religious education programs. They must assist an adult catechist (21 years old), and may never be responsible for supervising children alone. As minor students, they must be considered to be always under the direct care or supervision of an adult, as with any other younger student.


Office Staff

  • Direct students to class.
  • Give Hall Monitor late attendance sheets.
  • Collect folders for attendance from each class room.
  • Collect late attendance sheets from Hall Monitors.
  • Go through folders, checking attendance, any copy requests, paper work, etc.
  • Redistribute folders back to classroom, take signs down (evening session) and lock classroom doors (second and evening sessions)
  • Answer any questions, deal with any requests from staff, students, and visitors throughout the session.
  • Assist Hall Monitors and Traffic Monitors as needed.
  • After all teachers’ bins are placed on cart, take cart back to Religious Ed. closet. First session office staff then brings second session cart out to lobby.
  • Evening Session Only – Help take office carts back to closet. Assist with locking up building.


Traffic Monitors

Traffic monitors ensure the children get dropped off and picked up safely. Please arrive at least 10 minutes before class. Upon arriving, come to the office and pick up a badge and an orange safety vest (if desired). When it begins to get dark by the start of class, we also have flashlights to help make you more visible. Monitors do not allow parents to park their cars and leave them unattended anywhere along the access road or in any fire lane. They only allow children to exit from the first two cars in line and direct those cars to pull away and the next cars to pull forward. Monitors do not allow children to run out to cars to be picked up but have them wait until the cars have stopped at the walkway before approaching the car.


Hall Monitors

  • Arrive about 15 minutes before classes begin.
  • Come to the Office to check in and pick up a Hall Monitor Badge and Late Arrival Sheet.
  • Hall monitors should stand at the end of the hall near the doors. After the classes dismiss from the gym, students will usually be marked absent by their catechist.
  • Write down the name and grade of a child who enters the building after all the classes have dismissed from the gym.
  • Watch for children needing assistance to the restroom, office, etc.
  • If a catechist or a child says they need assistance, please help them. If they need to get to the Office, escort them.
  • Monitor how long a child has been in the restroom and it seems to be a long time, go to the door and call out “Do you need help?”
  • Inform the Office Staff if someone needs assistance and cannot come to the Office.


Gym Monitors

  • Arrive about 15 minutes before classes begin.
  • Come to the Office to check in and pick up a Gym Monitor Badge.
  • Monitor children when they are dropped off in the gym. Do not allow children to knock down class signs, play on the pull up bars, or on the stage. Assist catechists and aides in making sure children are ready for the start of the session.
  • Come back the last 10 minutes to monitor the younger children in the gym before they are picked up. Again, make sure children are safe and not playing on the bars or on the stage.


Babysitting - Special Events

  • Arrive 20 minutes before the event begins. Baby sit the children of families attending the event.
  • Wait for parents to come pick up children after the event ends.
  • Babysitters will sign up for specific event dates on the registration form. You may only volunteer for one event per year unless you are a badged volunteer. Please make sure to note in your calendar the event you have signed up for. You will receive a reminder email 2-4 weeks prior to the event.



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