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Social Media Ministry

What is the Social Media Ministry?

The Social Media Ministry is a group of individuals who utilize Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) to advertise Parish and Diocesan events  as well as keep an awareness of Christ and his Church on Facebook (or other social networking sites) as well as throughout the world wide web. This could include posting information about events happening at St. Joseph Parish, posting information about a unique saint, highlighting news from Harrisburg or the Vatican, or something else. It also includes taking pictures of events having to do with St. Joseph Parish and uploading them to the Parish Facebook fan page.


Pick your favored job!

There are many different ways you can be apart of this ministry. If you do not have a lot of structured time, perhaps you'd like to be a poster (someone who posts information on the Facebook fan page). Enjoy coming to Parish events? You can be a photographer. Read a lot of Catholic magazines, blogs, etc.? You can be a content provider! Pick the job (or jobs) you are interested in doing. Perhaps you have a skill that is not mentioned here. We'd love to hear about it!


Do I have to be a Computer or Facebook expert? Do I have to be a professional photographer?

Absolutely not! If you know how to make posts or status updates on your own Facebook page, you already have the technological skills needed to participate in this ministry. If you do not know how, that's okay...we can teach you. You also do not have to be a professional photographer in order to take pictures of Parish events. All you need is a camera and a means of transferring those pictures to the computer. 



Time Commitment

That's the beauty of this ministry! It is extremely flexible with people's schedules. Currently, there are monthly meetings scheduled for planning, feedback, and staff development; however, as the ministry evolves and we begin putting ideas into action, the need to meet will become less necessary. After that, the only time commitment needed is the time it takes to post, attend events for publicity and photography purposes, and communicate electronically with the rest of the group.


Who should join?

This is a NEW ministry! Those who wish to join simply need to be of appropriate age for technologies we will be using (Facebook requires users be 13 years of age or older) and have an account with Facebook. If you are already on Facebook, why not put that time to build the Kingdom of God in cyber-space? If you already enjoy taking pictures, why not use your talent to promote events throughout the Parish?



Questions? Interested in Joining?

Maryann Tran


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