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Weekly Rosary





Every Tuesday evening at 7:00 PM in the chapel we say the rosary, followed by prayers and the Chaplet of Jesus King of all Nations Devotion. Everyone is welcome to join at any time.  You are welcome to leave after the Rosary if you would like. Some people just come to say the rosary. We conclude the evening in a circle where we ask for special intentions to be prayed for and say the Our Father.


The first Tuesday of the month those who would like to join in and go out for dinner together. (optional). We have our regular praying and Rosary after dinner in the Chapel at 7:00


This Rosary group was started in 2001 as Prayers for Peace. It has continued for all of these years. We start at 7 PM with the Rosary and the entire time we are together it is all prayers. We are usually finished at 8 PM We do not socialize during that time. There are no meetings, no business at hand….we don’t sell anything WE JUST PRAY       J


Special note: for the month of December 2013. We will have Rosary at 7 PM on December 3rd. That  will be the last day we will meet until we begin again on  January 7th 2014. This is due to the very busy time in the church when many organizations are practicing and getting ready for Christmas.  We would like to invite everyone to join us for the New Year.  January 7th, 2014




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