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Worship Committee

What aspects of worship (liturgy) is the committee responsible for?

The primary responsibility of the Worship Committee is to assist in the spiritual development of the parish community by providing quality liturgical experiences. As a worshiping community we are centered in the Eucharist. We coordinate or help to coordination a broad spectrum of liturgical activities such as music, art and environment, Extraordinary Ministers, lectors, ushers, and altar servers.


What does a typical meeting involve?

  • Opening Prayer
  • Approval of Minutes from Previous Meeting
  • Evaluations/Concerns of Liturgies and Ministries
  • Items to Discuss/Plan and Updates
  • Discussion of Articles pertaining to Liturgy
  • Calendar of Upcoming Dates that we need to be aware of during the months ahead
  • Closing Prayer


What ministries are represented on the committee?

  • Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion
  • Lectors
  • Cantors & Musicians
  • Ushers


Who currently sits on the Committee?

  • Dcn Neil Crispo (Deacon)
  • Father Stephen Fernandes (Pastor)
  • Sarah Grentz
  • Marty Glass (Altar Server Coordinator)
  • Thelma Greaves (Lector Coordinator)
  • Jane Kerchner
  • Sylvia Kinzler
  • Dona Smyser (Sacristan)
  • Father Jim Menkhus (Parochial Vicar and Chairperson)
  • Father Richard Owens (Parochial Vicar)
  • Beth Pugliese (Music Director)
  • Marcia Salvatore (Usher Coordinator)


What is the time commitment?

Two meetings/month. They are held on the first and third Mondays of the month at 7pm and normally last two hours

Who is eligible?

Representatives from the various ministries meet twice a month with the Pastor and priests to evaluate our liturgies and to plan for the future.


Contact Information

Fr. Jim Menkhus
717-755-7503 x204



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